Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Jubilee!

Yes, I love my cat, and yes, I am dedicating a blog post to her! Happy 13th Birthday kitty!

All dressed up for St. Patrick's Day!

See her pretty green tummy! (artwork of Holly V. Green)

For her Easter pictures, take a look here!

And yes, I did give my consent to this...sort of... :o)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grandpa Jerry's 80th birthday party!

Grandpa getting teary about his present- a book of pictures of all the buildings he's designed! (he's an architect!)

Me and little cousin Clara (who lost her front tooth during the party!)

Me and my Ian baby! He's getting so big! And having more adventures! Just look at those battle scars from running and playing!

Then, off to take cousin Jessica to the Strip for her first time ever! (she's 17, I think she's old enough... :o)

Gotta get the world's largest virgin strawberry daiquiri! In an Eiffel Tower cup!

Me with an Ent! And yes, he does talk!

Jessica with a raining tree- if you look closely, there's water falling from the branches- so pretty!

R.I.P. Holly's Lamp...

The tape just couldn't keep you fixed forever....