Saturday, May 21, 2011


Because I have a firm belief that it is my job to spoil my nephew and niece, we went to the Build-a-Bear Factory for their birthday! So, Ian just turned 5 and Ember turned 3- I can't believe how big they're getting! I just love these two to pieces! Enjoy me showing them off!

Ian filling his monkey- soon to be named "Ian Monkey"

Washing the monkey.

Ember filling her pink bear- soon to be named "Three Bear." We think it's because she just turned three...

Rubbing the heart on her tummy...can't remember why the store lady told her to do that...

Putting in the heart.

My FAVORITE picture of Ian! I just love how interested he is in his sister! He just loves her so much!

Ember washing Three Bear.

Washing together. So, for those unfamiliar with Build-a-Bear, they are just brushing off the extra fuzz. There's a pedal for them to step on that turns on the yellow air blowers to help blow away the fuzz. It's pretty exciting!

FAVORITE picture of the two of them hanging out together! So cute!

Ian with Ian Monkey.

Ember with Three Bear. And yes, the pink bear is wearing a pink shirt, a pink skirt, and pink shoes. Ember really likes pink... which is funny because her mom, Sarah, is not a fan... guess that means someday I'm getting a tom boy! :o)

The nuggets playing after having McDonald's for lunch.

And of course, they had to try out the mall stroller that looked like a car!

End of a happy day with their Aunt Audrei! Love them!