Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happiness is...

A gorgeous day in New York City! In December! (And loving my off-white coat and pink scarf combo! So cute and so me! :o)

A tree celebrating Christmas (see the red and green!)

Sneaking pictures when not suspected...

A little red light house!

The New Jersey shore line...

And Manhattan shoreline at dusk! (we don't use the word twilight here... :o)

Touching the Hudson River for the first time.

Bridges celebrating Christmas by putting up lights!

Getting artsy with the camera!

Such happiness in the small things in life!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Death and dying are so out of style...

I just wanted the universe to know that, in my life, death and dying are no longer the "in" thing for 2010. That was so 2009...

At the beginning of last year, January 2009, my Grandma Joy died. She was the grandma that took care of my after I was born since my mom had cancer. She developed Alzheimer's about 10 years before she died, so although she is very missed, her poor mortal body was ready to go Home.

This last semester, Fall 2009, I was assigned to work as a Skilled Nursing Facility for a school internship. Although I loved working with the geriatric population, at least 4 of my clients died over the three month period. It was really hard to go through that, having to deal with clients that I couldn't help get better, no matter how much I tried and wanted it.

And now, my Grandma Bowen has passed away. She got pneumonia earlier this week, but I didn't think it would be so soon that we would lose her. I found out this afternoon, about an hour after I got back from going to the temple with my friend Bridgid. My last living grandma passed away early this morning.

It's been over ten years since her husband, my Grandpa Bowen, passed away. She was lonely and wanted to go Home. I'm happy that they're finally together again. But I'm filled with regret. Regret that I didn't call her as much as a should. Regret that I didn't do more to help fill that lonely void. Regret that I didn't learn more about her life, about her experiences, about her family. Now that she's gone, there are so many memories that are lost to those of us left behind until we go Home someday. And I regret that I didn't do more as an adult to preserve those memories and develop a closer relationship with her.

I am grateful that I got to know her well enough to love her and feel this regret. Although I missed out on the opportunity to do so in this life, thank goodness for the Plan of Happiness that allows me a second chance to get to know my Grandma Bowen in the next!

Good night, my Grandma Bowen! I hope you and Grandpa Bowen are happily reunited and are learning to sow the seeds of the eternities! I can't wait to see both of you again someday and am excited to get to know you so much better then!

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Orleans!

Dear ASHA convention,

Thank you for being in New Orleans. The convention was nice, and it was good to get info on future jobs. However, we had even more fun playing hooky and exploring the city! Please be in a really cool place next year within road trip distance.

Your friend,

We also really enjoyed meeting new friends at the convention!

We made it to Louisiana!

Oh yeah, Bourbon street!

Me on Bourbon street! I'm so rebellious... :o)

Some night life fun times with school friends: Jolly, Ditty-doo, and Roxy-love!

Connie (who helped me decide on my thesis topic- totally starting a fan club for her!) and me (not the most flattering picture, but hey...)

Sister love! Hallie and Emily!
Waiting forever for pizza...

The whole group outside the pizza place!

Famous for beignets!

So yummy! Connie, Christine, and me!

Steamboat ferry! Next time, I will take a ride!

Jackson Square in French Quarters.

Carriage ride with mules! (or were they donkeys...I can't remember... :o)

The view out the front of the carriage!

Totally my future house! Love it!

Finally, good New Orleans food! Hallie with her friend from work (I forgot her name! So sad!)

Emily and me! Such tasty food!

Did I mention that I tried turtle and alligator while in New Orleans? Because I did! Not my favorite foods, but fun stories to tell!

And to leave you, some New Orleans music on Bourbon Street! With Jolly dancin' in the street!

Why I'm looking forward to next semester...

Well, probably one of the very few reasons... :o)


Getting organized...

Getting the pose just right...

Almost there...

And a good one!

Another pretty good one!

Oh, my fellow CITs! How I miss thee! Get excited for our LAST semester EVER! (except for you Nat, sorry dear, you're on the PhD track... :o)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Highlights of the Longhorns' Football Season

First game of the season!

Here come the Horns! And yes, that is smoke for added excitement! What? Your college team doesn't come out to the field like that? :o)

Me and my fellow CITs! (Yes, I'm wearing a pink Texas shirt...awful, I know! But, you have to understand, it was my first game of the season... :o)

Win!! The tower lights up burnt orange!

BYU grads celebrating the win over OU! Oh, and the UT win too... :o)

Another game!

Yay for church friends!

Yes! Another burnt orange tower for a win! (and Nat's ring! So pretty! Good work Justin... :o)

Angry faces before halftime... (and notice the burnt orange shirt! I totally got proper Texas pride over the season!)

Happy faces during the second half!

We may not have won the national championship, but we put up a good fight to get to that game! Hook 'em horns!