Friday, January 8, 2010

Highlights of the Longhorns' Football Season

First game of the season!

Here come the Horns! And yes, that is smoke for added excitement! What? Your college team doesn't come out to the field like that? :o)

Me and my fellow CITs! (Yes, I'm wearing a pink Texas shirt...awful, I know! But, you have to understand, it was my first game of the season... :o)

Win!! The tower lights up burnt orange!

BYU grads celebrating the win over OU! Oh, and the UT win too... :o)

Another game!

Yay for church friends!

Yes! Another burnt orange tower for a win! (and Nat's ring! So pretty! Good work Justin... :o)

Angry faces before halftime... (and notice the burnt orange shirt! I totally got proper Texas pride over the season!)

Happy faces during the second half!

We may not have won the national championship, but we put up a good fight to get to that game! Hook 'em horns!

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Brittanie said...

I totally feel like I was the only one on facebook not caring about that game last night! lol. I didn't have to watch, all my friends' status updates told me what was going on!

Glad you've enjoyed yourself!