Monday, January 11, 2010

New Orleans!

Dear ASHA convention,

Thank you for being in New Orleans. The convention was nice, and it was good to get info on future jobs. However, we had even more fun playing hooky and exploring the city! Please be in a really cool place next year within road trip distance.

Your friend,

We also really enjoyed meeting new friends at the convention!

We made it to Louisiana!

Oh yeah, Bourbon street!

Me on Bourbon street! I'm so rebellious... :o)

Some night life fun times with school friends: Jolly, Ditty-doo, and Roxy-love!

Connie (who helped me decide on my thesis topic- totally starting a fan club for her!) and me (not the most flattering picture, but hey...)

Sister love! Hallie and Emily!
Waiting forever for pizza...

The whole group outside the pizza place!

Famous for beignets!

So yummy! Connie, Christine, and me!

Steamboat ferry! Next time, I will take a ride!

Jackson Square in French Quarters.

Carriage ride with mules! (or were they donkeys...I can't remember... :o)

The view out the front of the carriage!

Totally my future house! Love it!

Finally, good New Orleans food! Hallie with her friend from work (I forgot her name! So sad!)

Emily and me! Such tasty food!

Did I mention that I tried turtle and alligator while in New Orleans? Because I did! Not my favorite foods, but fun stories to tell!

And to leave you, some New Orleans music on Bourbon Street! With Jolly dancin' in the street!

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Brittanie said...

Looks like loads of fun! I want to take a trip to New Orleans sometime in my life.