Sunday, March 13, 2016

5 (and a half :-/ better late than never...) months! With a girl!

And we have a girl! So excited! Every week I change what name I like best- today it's Eleanor, last week it was Juliette (watched a lot of Psych :o), who knows what next week will bring! As apparently I've started to gain weight finally- 8 lbs in a month! Too much to make it a habit, but since I've only gained 10 lbs total, they're not too worried about it. :o) And fingers crossed I passed my glucose test #1- just took it on Friday.

How far along? 24 weeks, almost to my mental "she'll be okay if she's born by __ weeks" date! (it's 25 weeks, though of course, we're definitely aiming for 36-40 weeks)
Baby's size?  
As long as an ear of corn, or the size of a cantaloupe- so big! About 11 inches long and 1.3 lbs.

Maternity clothes? Yep! I have a couple breezy shirts I can still wear, but definitely wearing the pants and shirts, and some shorts!  Hello Texas spring weather!
Sleep: Sometimes fine, sometimes I lay awake for at least an hour. Not fun, trying to decrease my evening sugars to see if that helps...

Best moment(s) this past month: Went to Las Vegas for my niece's baptism- it was so great spending time with them! And Simon was so cute with their dogs and playing with his older cousins!
Miss Anything? Still over easy eggs... sigh... I will eat so many in the hospital once the baby is born!!!

Movement: Lots! She's quite active right when I'm trying to fall asleep, so that definitely doesn't help get me to sleep...

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not eating soon enough in the morning- bleh! I've thrown up twice this week because of it- note to self, you need to eat before showering...
Cravings: I really wanted brownies last night, so still sweets. And just breakfast food overall- french toast, eggs, cereal, breakfast sandwiches, you name it!

Labor Signs: Some braxton hicks at least once a week, but I'm good and drink water and rest for a bit, and they go away like a charm

Gender: A girl!! So very excited! Now to figure out her name... so many options!!

Symptoms: Feeling really big/ heavy, but that makes sense since I'm 8 lbs heavier :o) Some hip pain and trouble walking if I've been sitting for awhile beforehand.
Belly Button in or out? In still, but it's getting shallow! Funny how last time I was so worried about it being an outtie, and now, I'm not too concerned- it'll happen if it happens, ya know.

Wedding rings on or off? On! 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy, but tearing up over tender things in movies, TV shows, the typical pregnancy stuff :o)

Looking forward to: No more traveling until after baby comes! Also, so many holidays! Pi day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter! And I'm ready for them this year- so excited!