Saturday, October 8, 2011

This post is brought to you by Casey Moffitt- Gilboy

So, Casey is my amazing 2nd cousin, who I love to blog stalk. What? It's weird that I know my 2nd cousins? Well, I only know a few. And she's the main one that I've kept in contact with through Facebook/ Blog means. For the record, she is an amazing example to me of what a strong Christian woman is. Words cannot describe. You'll just have to check out her blog here:

She's also super girly like me, which I love! Example A: she loves to do hair! Her hair, her daughter's hair, girl's hair from her congregation going to Homecoming. And she's good at it! Here is my attempt to copy her amazing hair:

Keep in mind, this is after 8 hours of work, including meeting, paperwork, and chasing little ones around. And some of the curl is still there! Yes, Casey's hair tricks do work!

Example B: Casey likes to hang up all her jewelry and accessories in a way so that she can see all of them. That way it's easier to make a choice. Well, friends, my jewelry box was just not working for me. However, I inherited from my dear Grandma Bowen (from the side of my family that I don't share with Casey) a cute miniature coat rack- perfect for hanging necklaces and dangly earrings! Love it!

I also inherited some of my grandma's kitchen stuff! For the record, I love old stuff. The history, the stories, the simple life! It just makes me happy!!

And, most importantly, it's pretty! I recently used the flower picture at a lovely visiting teaching brunch. I used one of the serving dishes at a going away party during the spring. Slowly but surely, I'm learning how to use my pretty dishes!

On another note, I had a garden this summer! Well, during the end of spring/ beginning of summer. My roommate, Christa, did a very good job at watering my plants and picking the fruit/ veggies. However, she was fighting a losing battle with the terrible Texas heat!

(strawberry, 1/1)

(eating the first tomato!)