Sunday, June 3, 2012

And finally...Machu Picchu!!

Hey, look!  We made it Machu Picchu!

 Sooo early!  We were on the first buses on the mountain!

 The plaque for Hiram Bingham- he "discovered" the ruins.

 Good morning Machu Picchu!
 After lots of walking (okay, like 5 minutes after the entrance), we found Machu Picchu!

 Alpaca/ llamas (could never tell the difference... :o)

 In love with the mountains!

 And the sun!


 Lunch time!

 Sandwiches we bought while waiting for the buses.
 Why yes, that is my CES Institute shirt from University of Texas!  :o)

 Talking to our parents on our Peruvian cell phone.

 "Why yes, Mom, it does get really good reception!"

Quote of the day: "What are men to rocks and mountains?"


 So, we went on a hike to find an Incan Bridge.  Savannah loved the heights!

I was slightly terrified and couldn't look off the cliff... :o)
And that was the bridge... not quite what we expected... :o)

Epic poses!

 Nap time at Machu Picchu!  Because, yes, we did spend all day there!

Our favorite picture!  Taken as we were walking out.

What an experience!  I loved the ruins and experiencing that part of history!  But what really surprised me were the Andes mountains.  Wow!  That was just breathtaking!  Machu Picchu looks down into a deep valley, which seems to go on forever.  But then you look up, and the neighboring mountains keep going up!  In the morning, it's as if you're in the clouds on Machu Picchu.  Then the clouds rise, it gets warm (even in the winter), and you realize how close you are to the sun!  

I have never felt so small.  And yet, still so loved by a God above.  How amazing that He created those mountains.  That He loved and guided the people that built Machu Picchu, so so so far away from other communities of their time, high up in the mountains.  And today, He still loves and watches over His children.  And He watches over me.  I truly stand all amazed!