Monday, January 24, 2011

Remembering the grad school life...

So, a good friend of mine, Whitney, showed me this comic and said it totally reminder her of me!*

Yes, I did name my thesis Trevor (with the help of Chase). And I did change my status on facebook to "In a relationship" and "It's complicated" depending on how I was feeling about it at the time... You gotta do what you gotta do to keep the humor!

*For the record, Facebook doesn't allow you to just put "thesis" as who you're "in a relationship" with. Also, it doesn't accept many variations of "thesis" and "Trevor" when you try to create a new facebook account using a newly created e-mail account...not that I tried that... :o)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Goals

So, one of my goals for 2011 is to blog once a month and to do something blog worthy (including pictures) once a month! Here's to meeting the goal starting with January!

This month, I had the lovely opportunity to visit my dear Brittanie and her sweet family. Here are some pictures!

This is a picture of Brittanie as taken by Erin- her 3.5 year old.

Patrick (almost 2 years) hanging with his dad, Matt. Matt and I are now WordFued friends on our Android phones (and he's kicking my butt... :o)

Chilling with the kiddos in the car on the way to the museum!

Me flirting with a pirate! Just had to... :o)

The Denver skyline- with snow!!

Erin and I with manatees! (Barbara Manatee- Manatee! You are the one for me- one for me!)

Erin showing off her map of the museum. Apparently she loves them!

Patrick and my gloves- he just loved to wear them! There's so big on him!

Me with a Tyrannosaurus! Remember how I'm going through my 5 year old boy stage right now? :o) I just LOVE dinosaurs right now! Pterodactyls are my favorite! But we only saw Pteranodons...

Erin and I petting a pretty horse downtown!

It was SO much fun visiting Brittanie and her family! We were both so blessed that she felt well enough to play (she's in her 1st trimester). We went to the temple, to a fun science museum, ate downtown, went to church- complete with primary!, played games, and just enjoyed spending time with their family!