Sunday, March 20, 2011

Roxy's Wedding

So, last week, I got to go to my dear friend, Roxy's wedding. It was a beautiful Hispanic Catholic wedding down in Eagle Pass, TX.

The table set up of the reception.

The band! Love the live band!

The groom's cake.

The beautiful wedding cake!

A photo booth! So much fun!

The super exclusive "lounge" area.

Becca and Nick.

Me, Becca, and Sara- the girls!

Sara and Bill trying to open the wedding chocolate bar...

It's open finally!

Jolly with her man.

The couples!

Becca caught the bouquet!

Becca and Nick- with the bouquet!

Sara rocking the glasses!

One of these things is not like the others... :o)

I had lots of fun hanging with my grad school friends and celebrating Roxy and Ruben's wedding!

Snow Day!!

So, about a month ago, Austin, TX had her very own snow day!

It was one of those icky, cold weather weeks that you were hoping would turn to snow or ice in hopes of getting a snow day. Finally, Thursday night, my roommate Christa and I had a sleep over in the front room, falling asleep after checking on the weather channel many, many, many times in hopes for a high percent chance of snow/ice. At 5 a.m., I got the call. The "inclement weather phone tree" call!! Yep, there was a small layer of snow/ice outside keeping us all from getting to work safely. Yippee!!

That's the snow about 10 am- we took our time getting up and getting ready (we actually woke up to our dear friend Audrey knocking at our door, wanting to enjoy her snow day with us!)

This a snow man we found on a power box- we add the eye and the leaf hat (or maybe it was a toupee... :o).

Christa with her leeeettle snowman.

Me with my leeeeeeettle snowman.

There was very little snow- but we had a blast!