Sunday, March 20, 2011

Roxy's Wedding

So, last week, I got to go to my dear friend, Roxy's wedding. It was a beautiful Hispanic Catholic wedding down in Eagle Pass, TX.

The table set up of the reception.

The band! Love the live band!

The groom's cake.

The beautiful wedding cake!

A photo booth! So much fun!

The super exclusive "lounge" area.

Becca and Nick.

Me, Becca, and Sara- the girls!

Sara and Bill trying to open the wedding chocolate bar...

It's open finally!

Jolly with her man.

The couples!

Becca caught the bouquet!

Becca and Nick- with the bouquet!

Sara rocking the glasses!

One of these things is not like the others... :o)

I had lots of fun hanging with my grad school friends and celebrating Roxy and Ruben's wedding!


alli said...

I'm glad you posted this so I could feel like I was there. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding, fancy too. See you Thursday??

Miss Audrei said...

Just saw your comment- yes! It's an exercise date! :o)