Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Alamo!

So, I'm catching up on my blogging by posting all the fabulous photos of what I've been doing in the land of Austin. The next series of posts will be dedicated to my fabulous now-departed roommate, she's not dead...she just graduated :o) We had a "bucket list" of things to do before she left. Oh! I forgot! Going to Johnny Carino's (where Megan's bridal shower was) was on the list too, although it had a very different title... :o) And now, to the Alamo! (Reader's advisory: Texas may be made fun of during this post...)

Check out my cowgirl hat! I'm totally Texan! (although I bought it in Mexico...)

(I didn't know anything could be bigger than that possible?)

Water feature!

Reenactment of "The Alamo". We were trying to "remember the Alamo" :o) I represent Davy Crockett and Holly is Santa Anna.

Katie was Sam Houston and Megan (who was sadly MIA that day) represented the Mexican Army. Yep, the whole army. She's that awesome! :o) Yay for non-Texans celebrating Texan heritage! And yes, those are water guns (it was perfect in the Texas heat!)

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Water feature!