Sunday, February 6, 2011

Disneyland- Day 1!!

This post will have to continue the trend of back posting fun trip pictures- I have some fun blog post ideas with pictures (snow days, grandma's dishes!!), but I can't find my camera cord! And my lovely roommate, Christa, who has a cord that fits my camera, is not home... So Disneyland it is!!

First, breakfast at Goofy's kitchen! Ian with Pluto- he was only a little bit scared of the characters. Way to be brave little man!

Ember with Pluto- although it kinda looks like she's totally terrified, she was actually super excited... LOL! I think it's my favorite picture of the trip!

Dillon and Ian chilling in car at Toon Town.

Just hangin' with Mickey at his house- Ian sternly requested to see Mickey, but then got tired of waiting after 15 minutes (it took about 30 minutes...) Little did he know it was just the beginning of waiting...

It's a Small World! It was super fun seeing it all prettied out with Christmas (we went the day after Christmas)! And with Christmas music playing instead of "It's a Small World" the whole time... :o)

The Haunted Mansion! All dressed up for the Nightmare Before Christmas- it was SO cool!!

Dillon and I hanging in the Haunted Mansion!

Me with the absolutely gorgeous castle!! It was just amazing!

Yeah, that may have been my favorite part about this trip to Disneyland! I just LOVED the castle! That and the soft Christmas music playing in the background at night on the way out of the park- just so peaceful and happy!

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