Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday in Peru!

As tradition goes (or how luck would have it), I celebrated another birthday out of the country. For 16, I was in Paris for an exchange program, 18 and 21 were in Mexico, 25 I celebrated late in NYC, and 27- Peru!

The Honda family had a dinner party for me with the family (it was on Sunday).

It was SOOO good! Oh, how I miss Peruvian food!

And of course, we ate cake! It's tradition in Peru (and perhaps in other Latin American countries...) for the birthday girl (or boy) to cut and serve out the cake. I took the job very seriously... :o)

Although it's fun to celebrate my birthday in new places, I've discovered over the years that it's the people, not the place, that make a birthday special. Hence, 28 will be spent in the US!


Brittanie said...

I love how New York City is out of the!

Miss Audrei said...

LOL! It was on my top 5 places to travel to, so it totally counts! :o)