Wednesday, June 29, 2011

El Salvador 2011, continued...

First off, I just need to note that the mosquitos in Peru LOVE me! Must resist scratching... on a happy not, there is a very low risk of getting the West Nile Virus here! Gotta stay positive... :o)

And now to some "after" pictures of the kiddos and babies. Some were hurting pretty bad still, so I only took pitcures with a couple of them.

Love this mom and daughter picture! So sweet!

What a trooper!

This guy was super cute! He loved the crayons and coloring books!

Fast asleep...

This was the little lady who was a little afraid of the wind-up toy chick. Both her and mama look a little tired...

This mama was "muy enojada" the whole time last year when her baby got his líp surgery. Mind you, we were they strange gringos who were doing a pretty intense surgery on her little baby. This year, however, she was SO grateful for us and taking lots of pictures of all of us with her little guy! She also had a gentleman with her this year (Im still not sure if it was the babys dad...), so Im sure having an extra pair of hands to help decreased some of her stress.

Again, my favorite! He got his palate done, so he felt kinda sore still. That surgery takes 2-3 intense hours- did I mention that we bring the best doctors on this trip?!!

His mama blowing bubbles. He was definitely feeling good enough to try to blow them again! Yes, by trying to eat them! LOL! His mother called him her little "robot" because, with the arm splints (which the kids wear for 2 weeks so they dont but their hands, or anything else, in their mounts), he couldnt bend his arms. It was super cute!

Oh, and little Victor again. Thanks to the surgery, he was a lot less of a little troublemaker. The wind-up chick broke right before he went into surgery, so I gave it to him afterwards. You cant see it in the photo, but its right next to him.

Until next time, chicos, chao!

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