Sunday, August 14, 2011

El Salvador- the fun times!

So, after lots of good times taking care of the kiddos, it was time to play!

We went to the beach! It was black sand!

It was SO pretty!

Me saying hi to the ocean- "Hello El Salvador beach and pacific ocean!"

Elizabeth, my recovery partner in crime, wanted to say hi to the geese.

The resort we went to was SO beautiful!

There even was a swim-up bar that was much enjoyed by my drinking friends.

The military guys that guarded us while we played.

The San Salvador temple! I missed the open house by a month... so sad! But I'm SO excited that the members of El Salvador have a temple now!

We also tried to go salsa dancing, but ended up finding a live band instead. They were really good!

Melody with her 5th dessert of the evening. Not even exaggerating at all! She loved those sweets!

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