Sunday, April 22, 2012

From Cusco to Aguas Calientas!

To get from Cusco to Aguas Calientas, we first took a Combi van (only a little sketchy...) to Ollantaytambo. 

We had the best views!

Including Savannah sleeping...

At Ollantaytambo!

It was SO pretty!  So fresh and clean smelling!

We got drinks while we waited for the train to Aguas Calientas.

I may have had a thing for cool lamps... :o)

And rustic decor...

 Our train! 

So exciting!

Turns out, it wasn't our train... so still waiting...

Outside a Japanese shop

Okay, this is our train, for real!

Welcome signs to Machu Picchu!

So so so blue!

And so green!

The train followed a river!

Fancy/ delicious snacks on the train ride!  I apparently bought the fancy tickets with food included...

Besties!  With fancy train treats!

View from the train window- with cool train reflection!

Our Peruvian high school (or middle school?) boyfriends.  They were hilarious!

The moon!

Plaza de Armas in Aquas Calientas!

Posing with hot Peruvian statues!

Ooo la la!

Fun times with the Bestie!

Fancy dinner with fancy drinks!

Being weird with a spoon (i.e. not good at sexy pictures... :o)

Cool decorations!

Again with the lamp obsession... can I just take them home?!!

Delicious dinner!

Unique wall hanging thing... love it!

Next stop- Machu Picchu!!

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