Friday, March 19, 2010

El Salvador- the views!

So, my trip to El Salvador was AMAZING! I really miss it still, and hope to return to Central or South America soon!

The view outside of the airport- hot and muggy but SO pretty!

The view outside our hotel room! Why yes, that is a volcano! The last time it erupted was in 1910 or so... I think we were pretty safe...

Some gorgeous vegetation at some ruins we went to see on our day off!


alli said...

So pretty! I'd love to see pictures of the kiddos you worked with!

Brittanie said...

Very very pretty. But really...100 years isn't enough time to call a volcano dormant at all. Matt says they're only considered dormant if it's been 500 years or longer. =p

Anyway, beautiful pictures and I'm sure it was a great experience. I'm a little jealous, but have to remind myself I AM making a difference doing what I'm doing. (hugs)