Monday, July 26, 2010

Audrey's Bridal Shower

Yep, you read that correctly- AudreY. I didn't spell my name wrong nor did I secretly get engaged. :o) Here are some fun pictures of my lovely friend Audrey and the awesome bridal shower Cassi and I co-hosted!

First, the most important part: the food! It was a delicious brunch buffet!

Next- the guests! Candice and me.

Laura and Audrey's wonderful mother.

Audrey and her super famous sister Heather! But more about that later...

Cassi, the other amazing host, and Tamara.

Bridgid and Desiree hanging out at the coolest place- the food table!

And the presents! She wanted lingerie or pantry items- yay vanilla!

Olive oil/ balsamic vinegar bottle- chug chug!

Loving the chocolate cake and sweeten condensed milk! Add some caramel and put whipped cream on top- you know know what kind of cake you have... :o) She did get some lingerie, but I opted to not put said pictures on my blog so that Audrey will still be my friend. :o)

And a picture with me and Heather! She's the last of the Hunter sisters for me to meet (now I just need to meet Audrey's brother and my Hunter sibling collect will be complete!) She also is the author of a quite humorous and real blog (for a lack of a better description... you just feel like you're sitting down for a chat over hot cocoa with her everytime you read it). It's one of those blogs that she gets paid to write. No joke! How awesome and cool is that! And I totally got to meet Miss Heather and add her to my collection (of Hunter sisters :o)

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