Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What happens at TSHA, stays at TSHA....

So, TSHA is the Texas branch of the Speech-language pathologist and Audiologist professional association. A bunch of us went to the annual conference in Dallas and had a blast! One of the highlights of the trip included dinner at P.F. Changs paid for by Adjuris Therapy, a staffing agency who offered me the scholarship to go to El Salvador. Needless to say, I adore Jeff and Shelley and am continually amazed by their generosity!

Here is a picture of Shelley and I. She's so great!

Jeff with a previous employee in his company. Such a good man!

Latrice, Jenny, and Libby!

Erika, Angela (aka Jolly), and Megan!

Sarah and Becca!

Oh no! Erika stole the camera!

And took this awesome picture of Becca and Sarah! So artsy!

Me looking super cute! It's rare those occur, so I just had to post this one and brag on myself... :o)

Eating my vegetables for Erika... :o)

The whole group surrounded by tons and tons of food! Did I mention that Jeff and Shelley are just amazing?!!

Shelley posing with our amazing chicken noodle soup. So tasty!

They even got us LOTS of desserts! Here's what's left over...

And Megan with her sad face...she gave up desserts for lent so all she ate was the berries that were the garnish of the desserts... poor thing! :o)

For those that drink, Shelley and Jeff bought some wine and Champane. Here's me giving into peer pressure... (but it smells icky!)

Not to drink it!

Just to pose with the bottles. Scandalous, I know. :o)

Overall, it was a evening with lots of laughter and food! Thanks again to Jeff and Shelley who spoiled us!

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Brittanie said...

That picture of you really is super cute. And so silly with the wine