Thursday, July 29, 2010

Holly visits!

My old roommate Holly came to visit in May for the Texas Librarian Conference (so nerdy!) that was in San Antonio. I rescued her from San Antonio, and we drove to Austin where we spent a hilariously entertaining weekend together! One of the highlights was visiting the LBJ presidential library. Nerdy, I know... but it was super fun!

Here's Whitney, me, and Holly outside.

Katie, me, and Holly- not quite ready...

Katie being attacked with love by me... :o)

Yay! We're ready!

Me with mechanical LBJ! So lifelike it's creepy!

In addition, Holly, Megan, and Whitney had fun painting my kitty blue- in honor of the blue bonnets! I was there to witness this painting and all parties are in agreement that I just should not be there during such events. I guess I'm just a worrying mommy and can't handle her hiding behind my curtains... :o) However, you have to admit, Jubilee does look super cute in blue!

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