Sunday, August 17, 2014

31 weeks with dinosaurs!

Posing next to our practice dinosaur decal for the baby room- so cute! 

How far along? 31 weeks  
Baby's size? over 16 inches (? so like 16.5?), 3 1/2 lbs.  He weighs about as much as a coconut!
Total weight gain: 32 lbs- just 2 additional pounds, I can deal with that!
Maternity clothes? Of course, but I'm so looking forward to September!  I have a couple cute shirts I want to wear for the month of cool (below 100 degrees... :o) before my little boy arrives.  Though I love them enough to totally wear them for the months after birth before I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.
Sleep: Pretty good- it's getting harder to get comfortable when I first lie down.

Best moment(s) this past week: Having my therapy kiddos be super sweet- one ran up to me, hugged and kissed my belly, and said, "tu bebe, so cute!" (bilingual kiddos that's picking up phrases from older siblings in English :o)  Also been enjoying the company and help of my in-laws and actually enjoyed my first birthing class.

Miss Anything?  Having energy!  I've been quite tired this week and maybe ought to be going to bed at 9 pm like my body is telling me...

Movement: Yep!  He's starting to move more and more during the day as well as his regular night time movement.  Nathan is extra concerned that the baby will get tangled with all the movement, but I keep reminding him that movement is a good thing!  Although sometimes not comfortable for me...

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just brushing teeth, but the extra mucus in my nose/ throat in the mornings isn't helping either...

Cravings: Today was chocolate and Ninja Turtle mac and cheese- I think I'll be a pretty good mommy for a little boy :o)

Labor Signs: Apparently, the pain I've been having wasn't Braxton Hicks, but some sort of ligament pain (going bug my doctor about it this week at my appt).  So, I guess I haven't felt any false or real contractions yet.  I'm going to pay more attention this week because apparently I should be having some Braxton Hicks by now to get things moving, but may not be noticing them yet.

Gender: BOY!  
Symptoms: Baby hiccups!  I know, I know, just another good sign that my little boy is healthy and well.  But man do they drive me crazy!  Little, rhythmic movement for about 5 minutes, over and over, and I can't stop it!  It's like those kids in high school that would jiggle their foot on the book rest under your desk, so your desk would jiggle.  And he gets them at least once a day!  Guess I'm just learning patience already... :o)

Belly Button in or out? Still in but getting close to leveling off...
Wedding rings on or off? Off still, and my pretty replacement ring got pretty tight this week too!  It's HOT in Texas!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy, but moodiness when I'm tired or in pain (some days it's even harder to walk with the hip and weird ligament pain :o(
Looking forward to: Swimming! (every week is a swim week right now...) More family time with the in-laws, getting a massage (my poor muscles!), and maybe going to an animal shelter- I need to snuggle some kitties :o)

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