Monday, September 1, 2014

33 weeks- 7 weeks to go and counting! That is, if he decides to be on time... :o)

How far along? 33 weeks  
Baby's size? about 17-19 inches, over 4 lbs (around 4.5 lbs?).  The size of a
Durian Fruit (whatever that is..) or the size of a pineapple (again?).  These baby websites really need to get together and agree on one food item for each week...
Total weight gain: 34 lbs- I'm really just adding a pound a week like the books say!
Maternity clothes? Yep!  And now I have more church clothes options (Thanks Pamela!)
Sleep: It's getting harder to get comfortable to fall asleep, even with my faithful wormy (i.e. body pillow).  I'm also not allowed to eat sugar in the evenings- it totally stimulates the baby and me!  So we end up with a kicking baby and fully awake mama, which doesn't equal sleep.  So far, taking out the evening sugar has really helped!
Best moment(s) this past week: My cooking date with Nathan and throwing a baby shower for Allison (with the help of the lovely Lara- thank goodness!  it's a lot of work for being 7 months pregnant :o)- yay for having baby boys close to each other!  Also, yay for yummy food!  
Miss Anything?  Eating raw cookie dough!  Cookies are delicious, but I'm totally having my sister-in-law bring me cookie dough to the hospital!  :o)
Movement: Yep! We had fun last night putting our cell phone on my stomach and watching it move while we were talking to my parents on speaker phone :o)
Anything making you queasy or sick: A day with too much sugar and too much greasy food... it wasn't pregnancy sick, more like "I just ate a bunch of crap and my body is mad at me" kind of sick.  Blah.  Good lesson to remember- just because you're pregnant, doesn't mean that eating whatever you want is a good idea.  Gotta still eat healthy!
Cravings: Orange juice!  Man, I wanted it bad yesterday... good thing we have leftover bottles from the baby shower in the fridge!
Labor Signs: Still some Braxton Hicks, or at least what I think is Braxton Hicks... I feel like the internets, books, birthing class, and OBGYN all have different descriptions of what a contraction feels like...
Gender: BOY!  
Symptoms: Having lower back/ hip pain that makes walking a bit hard.  The best cure so far- sitting on a heat bad! 
Belly Button in or out? Mostly in... it's not out until it's 100% out!  :o)
Wedding rings on or off? Off, but still loving my replacement pearl ring!
Happy or Moody most of the time: More happy this week!  I was good at asking for help this week, which really helped keep the moodiness away.  Yay for sweet husbands!
Looking forward to: Swimming, like every week :o)  My baby shower next week!  So excited! (and if you didn't get an invite, look in your email junk box or contact me- I may have an old address for you, but you're still welcome to come celebrate!)  

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